Meet the Buyer Event

Local businesses welcome the opportunities Javelin Park development will deliver.

Meet the Buyer eventOn Thursday 22 November 2012, 27 Gloucestershire companies welcomed the breadth of supply chain opportunities which will be created as a result of Urbaser Balfour Beatty’s (UBB) proposed Energy from Waste facility at Javelin Park.

UBB has been appointed by Gloucestershire County Council to provide an Energy from Waste facility at Javelin Park, off Junction 12 of the M5, to handle the county’s residual waste for a period of 25 years. In preparation for this project, UBB is developing its local supplier framework.

Javier Peiro, Project Director at UBB, said “This event was organised so that we could meet local  Meet the Buyer eventbusinesses and start a dialogue to enable them to understand the opportunities available and how best to tender for them.”

Johnny Singh of Chambers Builders said “As a successful local business keen to grow, opportunities like this are amazing news. They are few and far between in these tough economic times, so we are delighted to be in at the beginning.”

“For us, it’s an ideal time to start a conversation so that we understand the needs and can develop our services to fit” said Paul Woolveridge of Allstone.

Trades List

A full list of the trades required by Urbaser Balfour Beatty in the construction, operation and maintenance of the Javelin Park facility can be found below:
UBB Gloucestershire Trades List

“Taking the time to brief local businesses on plans is evidence of commitment to support the local economy. We relish the opportunity to get involved” said David Townsend of Enjoy Recruitment Group.

Held in association with GFirst, UBB used the event to detail the wide range of trades that will be needed from construction and mechanical & electrical equipment to maintenance.

Further information and a detailed list of trades can also be viewed. Companies interested in getting involved in the project should still get in contact with UBB. 

The proposed facility would potentially benefit local businesses in five ways:

1. Supply chain opportunities through the construction and operation of the facility.
2. Improving the skills and employability of local residents through the Balfour Beatty Apprenticeships scheme.
3. Reduced waste disposal costs by avoidance of Landfill Tax.
4. Generation of low-cost, low-carbon heat for businesses based at or near Javelin Park.
5. Awareness raising amongst local business people about how to save money through improved environmental practices.

Javier Piero concluded “there is a clear link between infrastructure development and job creation as well as an increase in business opportunity and in these tough economic times, projects such as ours really will deliver growth in Gloucestershire.”

UBB is working with GFirst, which drives the Local Enterprise Partnership, is the Place Promotion Agency for Gloucestershire. More information about GFirst can be found at their website

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